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    Prostate Disorders

    This collection features the best content from AFP, as identified by the AFP editors, on prostates disorders and related issues, including benign prostatic hyperplasia, hematospermia, and prostatitis. New research may affect the interpretation and application of this material. Clinical judgment is advised. Note that AFP content published within the past two years is accessible to AAFP members and paid subscribers only. Note: See related topic module on Prostate Cancer
    Jun 01, 2019 Alternative Interventions for Chronic Prostatitis/Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome in Men [Cochrane for Clinicians]
    Aug 15, 2012 Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia and Male Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms [Clinical Evidence Handbook]
    Jun 15, 2012 Dutasteride/Tamsulosin (Jalyn) for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia [STEPS]
    Aug 01, 2005 Chronic Prostatitis [Clinical Evidence Handbook]
    Oct 15, 2018 Urinary Retention in Adults: Evaluation and Initial Management   Alg
    Feb 15, 2016 Common Questions About Chronic Prostatitis   DDx   PtEd
    Jan 15, 2016 Acute Bacterial Prostatitis: Diagnosis and Management   Alg   DDx   PtEd
    Dec 01, 2014 Common Questions About the Diagnosis and Management of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia   DDx   PtEd
    Aug 15, 2010 Prostatitis: Diagnosis and Treatment   Alg   PtEd
    Complications and Special Situations
    Dec 15, 2009 Evaluation and Treatment of Hematospermia   Alg   PtEd
    Patient Education, Self-Care
    Dec 15, 2009 Hematospermia: Blood in the Semen [Information from Your Family Doctor]   PtEd

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