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    Is Disintegration the Answer?

    Rod Aymond, Theodore Hariton

    If your relationship with an integrated organization seems tenuous, try to shore it up before you give up.

    Choosing a Pay Structure That Works for Your Practice

    Dale W. Shimko

    A good compensation model can motivate staff and improve your practice's performance.

    Are the Edges of Family Practice Being Worn Away?

    Brandi White

    A variety of forces, from hospitalists to burnout, may be chipping away at family physicians' scope of practice. Should you be concerned?


    Innovation and Organization

    Robert L. Edsall

    A few months ago, I heard a presentation on organizational structure that seemed to hold a valuable insight for physician organizations — and for health care organizations of all sizes. The presenter, André L. Delbecq, DBA, is the J. Thomas and Kathleen L. McCarthy Professor...


    On insurance companies

    John Saxer

    Seeking mediocrity?

    Too many managers

    Marjorie Uhalde


    Encouraging Patients to Pay at the Time of Service

    Jack Valancy

    Accurate payment records, up-to-date insurance information and assertive staff can help you to increase your cash flow.

    Coding and Documentation

    Coding and Documentation

    Kent J. Moore

    Preventive medicine services revisited | Bone mass measurements | ICD-9 code for dyspnea | A discharge code for a deceased nursing facility patient? | Retirement community visits



    NPs rival MDs in primary care, says study | Health plans need consent to access patient records | Physician productivity: How FPs, IMs compare | Study shows effects of Medicare HMO withdrawals | AHCPR becomes AHRQ, refines mission | HMOs don't have to disclose physician...


    The Family Physician's Role in Reducing Medical Errors

    Joel E. Miller

    By educating patients, adopting the latest technology and creating “no-fault” environments, family physicians can be part of the solution.


    Practice Diary

    Sanford J. Brown

    Birthday cards | Ankle sprains | The letter service


    Ask FPM

    David Keller, Keith C. Borglum, Alice G. Gosfield

    Collecting late payments | Increasing productivity with labor? | Discounting services for staff


    15 Tips for Managing Life at Work and Home

    Jennifer Bush

    No gimmicks, no tricks. Just basic advice for getting the most out of the time you have without letting it get the most of you.


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