• Proficiency Testing FAQ


    Proficiency Testing FAQ


    How do I change or cancel my order?

    Changes or cancellations to orders must be received at least four weeks prior to the event ship date to receive credit for that event. Credit will be issued based on the number of shipments remaining in the program year. All credits will be applied to the following year's proficiency testing order. If not order is placed for the following year,  a refund check will be issued upon request at the end of the year.

    The annual registration fee is not pro-rated and is non-refundable.

    All changes and/or cancellations must be submitted directly to pt@aafp.org.

    How do I order off-schedule/reinstatement samples?

    AAFP-PT can provide samples for off-schedule or reinstatement testing based on sample availability. Pricing is based on a per-sample basis and payment is due at the time of order.

    Complete the Off-schedule Testing Order Form to initiate your order. Please email the completed form to pt@aafp.org. Call (800) 274-7911 for assistance.

    Samples will normally ship the first Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday after payment is received and will be delivered within 2-3 business days. Typical turnaround time for evaluations is seven to 10 business days after receipt of results. In addition, a copy of your evaluation report will automatically be sent to your state CLIA agency and/or COLA.

    Kit Shipments

    When should I expect to receive my kits?

    AAFP-PT shipments will be sent to your laboratory three times per year. Please refer to our Shipment Schedule for the current shipping dates. Participants will be notified by email when a shipment is enroute.

    All modules will ship together via a 2-day shipping service. A signature of receipt will be required on delivery.

    What should I do if I did not receive my kit on the expected date?

    It is the participant’s responsibility to know when kits are due to arrive. Email us at pt@aafp.org or call (800) 274-7911 if your kit has not arrived as scheduled.

    What should I do if my samples were received warm or if the ice pack has melted?

    Proficiency testing samples are manufactured specimens and are designed to be stable during shipping. Refrigerate samples overnight upon receipt and then return to room temperature before testing.

    What should I do if I have missing or damaged samples?

    1. Use the Replacements link on the left side of your PT Central homepage to request new samples.
    2. Select a reason code from the drop-down menu.
    3. Then select each sample that needs to be replaced.

    Damaged, missing or defective samples will be replaced at no charge. Samples that cannot be tested due to laboratory error will be sent as paid replacements.

    Billing - Invoices - Payment

    How do I make a payment?

    AAFP-PT accepts payment by check or credit card. 

    To pay with a credit card, visit AAFP Quick Pay. You will need the "Bill to" AAFP ID/customer number and the invoice number found on your invoice. You can also call (800) 274-7911 to make a credit card payment.

    Checks should be mailed to:

    11400 Tomahawk Creek Parkway
    Leawood, KS 66211

    How do I request a revised or corrected invoice?

    Email pt@aafp.org or call (800) 274-7911. Please have your AAFP-PT ID number and the invoice number available when you call.

    Sample Handling and Testing

    Where do I find specimen handling instructions?

    Click on each module name on your PT Central homepage, then click the resulting link to view instructions.

    What should I do if I spill, drop, or misplace a specimen?

    Follow these steps to request a replacement sample:

    1. Use the Replacements link on the left side of your PT Central homepage.
    2. Select a reason code from the drop-down menu.
    3. Then select each sample that needs to be replaced.

    These samples will be charged with a replacement fee.

    Laboratory accidents that result in personnel exposure to testing materials should be reported to AAFP-PT promptly. The exposed individual should follow the standard biohazard protocols for your facility.


    When should I expect to receive my evaluation report?

    Evaluations are typically available approximately 30 days after each testing event deadline. You will receive an email notification when your evaluation is ready to view.

    How can I view a current or previous evaluation report?

    Follow these steps to view or create a report:

    1. Log in to your PT Central homepage.
    2. Click the Reports link on the left side of your PT Central homepage.
    3. Select the desired year and event and click “Apply.”
    4. Click PT Evaluation Report “View.”

    How do I review my evaluation report?

    All PT evaluations should be reviewed by the laboratory director. Any failing scores require investigation to determine the cause of the failure. A corrective action plan should be developed and implemented to prevent future failures. Refer to the AAFP-PT Handbook for more information on reviewing your evaluation and corrective action plans.

    How do I request a corrected evaluation?

    If you find an error on your evaluation report submit a Corrected Evaluation Request form within 30 days of receiving your evaluation report. The request form is also located on the left side of your PT Central homepage.

    NOTE: AAFP-PT is unable to correct failures caused by clerical or data-entry errors by the participant. Review your data carefully before submitting your results.

    Results Entry

    When are results due?

    The deadline to submit results is printed on the packing slip that accompanies each shipment and can also be found on the shipment schedule. It is the responsibility of the participant to know when results are due. The website closes for results entry at midnight CT on the due date. Late results will not be accepted.

    How do I enter results in PT Central?

    Log in to PT Central using your assigned username and password. This information is printed on the packing slip that accompanies each shipment. It can also be found on all previous evaluation reports and email correspondence sent from pt@aafp.org.

    How do I know if my results were successfully submitted?

    The Data Submission Report is your documentation of all submitted results. Follow these steps to create the report:

    1. Click the Reports link on the left side of your PT Central homepage.
    2. Select the desired year and event and click “Apply.”
    3. Then click Data Submission Report “Build,” then “View.”
    4. Once the report has been created, it should be reviewed for accuracy and retained with your PT records.

    I missed the reporting deadline. Can I still submit my results?

    Under CLIA 88 regulations, AAFP-PT is not permitted to accept results after the event closes. Participants who fail to submit results on time should retain their results and conduct a self-grading by comparing these results to the acceptable results, which will be provided on your evaluation report.

    Continuing Education

    How can I obtain continuing education for my participation in AAFP-PT?

    Four units of PACE® continuing education credit are available to all staff members of laboratories currently enrolled in AAFP-PT. Credit is obtained by reading the online publication, the POL Insight, and completing the associated quiz. The POL Insight and quizzes can be accessed by clicking the Continuing Education link on the left side of your PT Central homepage.


    How long should I keep my records?

    The CLIA regulations require that all laboratories retain certan records for a designated period of time. The following table lists the CLIA record keeping requirements of laboratory records.

    Calibration and Calibration Verification 2 years
    Discontinued Procedures 2 years
    Equipment Maintenance and Function Checks
    2 years
    Method Performance Validation and Specifications 2 years after discontinuation method
    Proficiency Testing Evaluations and Corrective Action
    2 years
    Proficiency Testing Results (lab worksheets, instrument printouts, data submission reports)
    2 years
    PT Attestation Statement
    2 years
    Quality Control Records and Reports (daily QC records) 2 years
    Remedial Action - errors in reported patient results (both the original and corrected report)
    2 years

    What are the Laboratory Medical Director Responsibilities?

    According to CLIA, the Laboratory Medical Director, as stated on the CLIA license, is responsible for the overall operation of the laboratory. The Laboratory Medical Director is ultimately responsible even if responsibilities are delegated.  He/She must ensure that all the duties are properly performed, staff competencies are met, and applicable CLIA regulations are followed. It is the Director’s responsibility to ensure that the laboratory develops and uses a quality system approach to laboratory testing that provides accurate and reliable patient test results.

    The Medical Director's duties include, but are not limited to:

    1. Review of quality control measures
    2. Review and adherence of policies and procedures for laboratory testing
    3. Review a sampling of the analytical performance of test systems for acceptability based on your laboratory’s criteria
    4. Review of proficiency testing results, failure investigations, and corrective action documentation.

    For further information, visit CMS CLIA website and see “The Interpretative Guidelines for Laboratories.”