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    Accurate results are essential to quality patient care. 

    The American Academy of Family Physicians’ laboratory proficiency testing program, AAFP-PT has been delivering proficiency testing that helps labs improve patient care for 30 years.

    AAFP-PT, a CMS-CLIA-approved program, is the only laboratory proficiency testing provider to focus on the unique needs of physician office laboratories, urgent care centers, and small hospital laboratories.

    Our external quality control process determines the performance of a laboratory on specific tests to ensure the most accurate results that are crucial to patient care.

    *Please have your CLIA ID handy to create your AAFP-PT account.

    Testing in the Time of Pandemic: SARS-CoV2 Proficiency Tests

    When it comes to test results, accuracy matters—especially when it could be a matter of life and death. We understand that your patients are relying on you for quick, clear answers. That’s why we have COVID-19 proficiency testing now available to you. AAFP-PT offers SARS-CoV2 Viral Detection, Antigen Detection, and Serology Detection Proficiency Tests for 2020. All modules are offered for $294 annually. Learn more now.

    AAFP-PT: Expect Excellence

    We provide quality, savings and convenience you can count on, including:

    • A comprehensive list of specimens for your CLIA-waived to high-complexity labs
    • Three convenient shipments a year
    • A team of experienced med techs to provide technical support
    • Cost competitive pricing, plus 10% discount on orders with three or more laboratory locations

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