Feb 1999

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CPT Changes for 1999

Where to Look for Good Clinical Policies

Ground Rules for Dealing With Health Care Plans

More Take-Home Messages From the AAFP Assembly

A Physician's Guide to Locum Tenens

An Expensive Dinner: Surviving a Failed Business Venture


Editor's Page

Bringing You Knowledge in Small Bites
Robert L. Edsall

Getting Paid

Implementing a Policy for Same-Day Payments
Jean Kouris

Improving Patient Care

Time Savers
Susan Schooley

A Broader View of Patient Education
Brandi White


Voice Recognition Software: A Tool for Encounter Notes
Louis Spikol

Our Featured Web Site: Medical World Search
David C. Kibbe

Balancing Act

Conflict 101
Lyndia Flanagan


Family Practice Is Still Family Practice

Collaboration, Not Supervision

There's Room for Everyone

NPs Are Here to Stay

Turf Battles for the Insecure

Priced Out of a Job

The Good Old Days

The NP's Role

Academy Action

Coding & Documentation

Differentiating Between New Patients ... And Established PatientsCoding Repeat ProceduresCodes for Motor Vehicle AccidentsDischarging Hospitalized PatientsWhen Preventive Visits Get Complicated


Medicare Spending Slows; Leaders Call for MoreSite Offers One-Stop Shopping for Clinical PoliciesHow Much Are You Paying Your Management Staff?Doctors Fleeing HMOs?HMOs Sued Over Compensation MethodsStudies Find Increasing Numbers of UninsuredY2K Update: HCFA 'Increasingly Optimistic' About Y2K Deadline


Legal Risks of Giving a ReferenceTeaming Up Physicians and Midlevel ProvidersMedicare HMOs and "Teaching Physician" Rules

Practice Diary

Embracing TechnologyCustomer ServiceSmall VictoriesPenny Wise, Pound FoolishGetting Along With Insurers

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