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  • 2022 Member Satisfaction Survey Results

    Thank You: A Message From AAFP EVP/CEO Shawn Martin

    My sincere thanks to everyone who took the time to give invaluable feedback in the 2022 Member Satisfaction Survey. Of course, it’s gratifying to hear about the AAFP’s successes that help keep you, your patients and your communities thriving. But, for me personally, I am more focused on where we need to work harder to meet your needs as a family physician.

    Your Input Points the Way

    Family physicians who shared invaluable feedback through the 2022 Member Satisfaction Survey have once again helped the AAFP focus efforts to help all members build thriving practices. And while there’s more to do, respondents affirmed strategic decisions the Academy has made this fiscal year — and as part of a three-year strategic plan — to strengthen family medicine.

    Academy Strength in Numbers

    With 127,600 members, the AAFP has the collective strength needed to shine a light on family medicine's contribution to the health of our nation. It’s heartening to know that Academy members value both the personal and specialty-wide benefits of membership.

    • Three-quarters are satisfied or very satisfied with AAFP membership
    • 80% say your membership is important

    Family Medicine Priorities

    Your feedback affirmed that the priority areas established by the AAFP Board of Directors lines up with what you need from your Academy. Look for much more from AAFP over the next three years to:

    • Reduce administrative complexity
    • Increase family physician payment
    • Ensure family physicians can practice comprehensively
    • Develop and diversify family physician leadership
    • Offer the most trusted family physician education
    • Protect the well-being of family physicians
    • Serve as the most effective influencer on family physician priority issues in government advocacy
    • Strengthen the pathway to family medicine for future physicians
    • Help you understand, adopt and leverage technology in medicine
    • Support women’s health, public health and your clinical top priorities
    • Elevate the importance of family medicine

    All of this work is being implemented with diversity, equity and inclusion in mind.

    Delivering What You Need

    We fight for family medicine by focusing on members’ most challenging issues to clear the way for what led them to family medicine in the first place — patient care. That includes launching a new Center for Practice Experience & Innovation to advance work on administrative simplification. In leading the way toward payment reform, we are helping to increase compensation to better reflect the great value family physicians bring to the health care system. We’re also lobbying to secure a healthier future for the specialty of family medicine overall, guided by policies set by family physician leaders and the AAFP Congress of Delegates each year. 

    AAFP Leaders Talk: Your Feedback Shapes Strategy

    Thank you for all you do to fulfill the promise of family medicine.