Evidence-based Medicine Toolkit

Evidence-based medicine (EBM) is judicious integration of the best available evidence with clinical expertise and an individual patient’s values, preferences, and unique circumstances.  We ask authors to explicitly rate the strength of evidence for key recommendations on diagnosis and treatment whenever possible so readers will have a better understanding of the strength of the recommendations. Readers, in turn, should understand the ratings and the significant impact they can have on their practice. Information in this Toolkit is provided for readers who want to learn more about EBM, and for authors preparing manuscripts for publication seeking information about incorporating the principles of EBM in their manuscripts.

This Toolkit has the following sections:

1. Home page with definition of EBM and outline of the Toolkit
2. EBM resources in AFP and other sources
3. SORT: rating the strength of evidence
4. EBM features and departments in AFP
5. EBM glossaries
6. AFP Journal Club Toolkit