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    Barrett Esophagus: Rapid Evidence Review

    Carl Bryce, Merima Bucaj, Renee Gazda

    Barrett esophagus is estimated to affect up to 5.6% of the U.S. population. Risk factors for Barrett esophagus include gastroesophageal reflux disease, obesity, age older than 50 years, male sex, tobacco use, and a family history of Barrett esophagus or esophageal carcinoma.


    Paul Crawford, Kendrick V. Go

    Schizophrenia is the most common psychotic mental disorder and typically develops in young adulthood. It is characterized by the presence of positive and negative symptoms. Second-generation antipsychotics are the preferred first-line treatment.

    Endometriosis: Evaluation and Treatment

    Rina Edi, Terri Cheng

    Endometriosis is an inflammatory condition affecting up to 10% of reproductive-aged people. Recent guidelines recommend clinical diagnosis over surgical diagnosis. Initial imaging is transvaginal ultrasonography, and first-line treatment is combined hormonal contraceptives.

    The Spiritual Assessment

    Daniel P. Kuckel, Andre L. Jones, Dustin K. Smith

    The spiritual assessment offers the opportunity to enhance the patient-physician relationship and incorporate patient views that may have a significant impact on clinical decision-making. The scope of spirituality in medical practice is typically addressed during the...

    Polymyalgia Rheumatica and Giant Cell Arteritis: Rapid Evidence Review

    Meghan F. Raleigh, Jonathan Stoddard, Hillary J. Darrow

    This article provides a summary and review of the best available patient-oriented evidence for the diagnosis and management of polymyalgia rheumatica and giant cell arteritis.

    Nutrition History Taking: A Practical Approach

    Elyse Fiore Pierre, Nofisat Almaroof

    Assessment tools, community and public resources, and U.S. Department of Agriculture guidelines can aid physicians in taking a nutrition history and guiding patients toward healthier foods.


    Emerging Roles for Family Physicians in Diagnosing and Treating Barrett Esophagus

    Scott M. Strayer, Jessica Tsukanov

    Newer office-based modalities have the potential to increase the accessibility of screening and appropriate care for Barrett Esophagus in family medicine.

    CDC's Revised Developmental Milestone Checklists

    Jennifer Zubler, Toni Whitaker

    The CDC has updated its developmental milestones checklists that can be used during child wellness visits.

    Graham Center Policy One-Pager

    Family Physicians Providing Obstetric Care in Maternity Care Deserts

    Grace Walter, Michael Topmiller, Anuradha Jetty, Yalda Jabbarpour

    Many communities in the United States have few or no clinicians providing maternity care services, contributing to a national maternal and infant mortality rate that is much higher than that in comparable developed countries.

    Medicine by the Numbers

    Albumin Infusion for Spontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis

    Brit Long, Michael Gottlieb

    Learn more about albumin infusion for spontaneous bacterial peritonitis.

    AFP Clinical Answers

    Constipation, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Chronic Kidney Disease, Stroke, Soft Tissue Masses

    Key clinical questions and their evidence-based answers directly from the journal’s content, written by and for family physicians.

    Cochrane for Clinicians

    Effectiveness of Exercise Therapy in Patients With Chronic Low Back Pain

    Briana Lindberg, Jeffrey C. Leggit

    There is low- to moderate-quality evidence that exercise reduces pain and improves function in patients with chronic low back pain compared with no treatment, usual care, and other conservative interventions such as education, manual therapy, and electrotherapy.

    Effect of Psychotherapy on Patients With Borderline Personality Disorder

    Donna Cohen, Kyle Lau, Sirimas Lau

    In patients with borderline personality disorder, psychotherapy in the form of dialectical behavior therapy or mentalization-based treatment reduces the severity of symptoms, improves psychosocial functioning, and reduces depression scores compared with no treatment.

    Putting Prevention Into Practice

    Behavioral Counseling Interventions to Promote a Healthy Diet and Physical Activity for CVD Prevention in Adults Without CVD Risk Factors

    Sheena Harris, Sayuri Inoue

    This PPIP quiz is based on the recommendations of the USPSTF.

    U.S. Preventive Services Task Force

    Behavioral Counseling Interventions to Promote a Healthy Diet and Physical Activity for CVD Prevention in Adults Without CVD Risk Factors

    The USPSTF recommends that clinicians individualize the decision to offer or refer adults without cardiovascular disease risk factors to behavioral counseling interventions to promote a healthy diet and physical activity.

    FPIN's Clinical Inquiries

    Early Aerobic Exercise for Postconcussion Symptoms in Adolescent Patients

    Thomas J. Kern, Daniel Yee, Alberto Benjamin Chong, Rachel Conkin Kaminski, Toni Hoberecht

    Does early aerobic exercise following concussion improve or impair recovery in adolescent patients?

    FPIN's Help Desk Answers

    Shockwave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

    Jennifer Amico, Rebecca Shipkin, Shalini Solanki

    Is shockwave therapy an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction?

    Curbside Consultation

    Duty to Report Incompetent Physicians

    Barry D. Weiss

    There are many reasons why a physician’s competence to practice medicine may decline over time. Optimal retirement age varies by person, and most medical practices do not have built-in retirement mandates. Age-related decline in cognitive function among physicians, even to...

    Photo Quiz

    Hyperpigmented, Linear Rash on the Lower Extremity

    Samuel Almquist, Cynthia Reyes Barron, Hannah Riva, Sarah Mazal

    A woman presented with a pruritic rash on her leg that developed several months earlier. Close examination revealed fine white lines within purple plaques.

    A Disseminated Rash on the Upper Body

    Paul DiPasquale, Gabriela E. Beraja

    A woman presented with a two-month history of disseminated rash on both upper extremities and trunk.

    Diary of a Family Physician

    Diary of a Family Physician

    Seiji Hayashi

    First-person accounts from the front lines of family medicine.

    Diagnostic Tests

    Galleri Test for the Detection of Cancer

    Natasha J. Pyzocha

    The Galleri test is a multicancer early detection blood test used to identify more than 50 cancer types in asymptomatic adults 50 years or older.


    Combination Antidepressant Therapy Is More Effective Than Monotherapy for Acute Severe Depression and Nonresponding Depression

    David C. Slawson

    SGLT-2 Inhibitors Reduce Heart Failure–Related Hospitalization in Patients Without Diabetes

    Allen F. Shaughnessy

    Aducanumab Is Not Effective for Mild Cognitive Impairment or Mild Alzheimer Dementia and Has Major Safety Issues

    Mark H. Ebell

    Less Than 4% of Children With Newly Diagnosed Hypertension in Primary Care or School Settings Have Secondary Causes

    Henry C. Barry

    Practice Guidelines

    Point-of-Care Ultrasonography in Patients With Acute Dyspnea: A Clinical Guideline From the ACP

    Scott P. Grogan

    The American College of Physicians (ACP) released clinical guidelines for point-of-care ultrasonography use in patients with acute dyspnea based on a systematic review of 49 studies that included five randomized controlled trials.

    Management of Substance Use Disorders: Guidelines From the VA/DoD

    Brian Ford, Erin Smith, Adrienne Richards

    The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and the U.S. Department of Defense (VA/DoD) published updated clinical practice guidelines for managing substance use disorders, based on a systematic review.

    Letters to the Editor

    Caution Before Antibiotic De-escalation Following Negative MRSA Nares Testing

    Andrew Gaillardetz

    Reply: Scott Bragg, Eric Matheson, Russell Blackwelder

    New-Onset Ulcerative Colitis in Patients With COVID-19

    William E. Cayley Jr.

    Cannabis Use During Pregnancy

    Christopher J. Frank, Leigh Morrison

    Reply: Payam Sazegar

    Case Report: Complication of In-Office Lipoma Excision

    Stephanie W. Holzmer, Frances E. Sharpe

    Case Report: Supernumerary Natal Teeth in a Four-Day-Old Infant

    Claire Bovet, Shawnecca Burke

    Information from Your Family Doctor


    Endometriosis (EN-doe-ME-tree-OH-sis) happens when endometrial tissue, the tissue that normally lines the inside of your uterus, grows outside of your uterus. This outside growth can affect your ovaries, fallopian tubes, or intestines.

    Nutrition: How to Make Healthier Food Choices

    A healthy diet has many benefits. It can prevent health conditions like heart disease and cancer, and it can lower your cholesterol. It can give you more energy, help you focus, and improve your mood. It can also help you lose weight or stay at a healthy weight.



    Misused eponym. In the article, “Orthostatic Hypotension: A Practical Approach” (January 2022, p. 39), an outdated eponym was used to describe the standing test for measuring blood pressure and heart rate changes under gravitational stress. The term “Schellong test” has been...


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