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    Care of Special Populations

    This collection features the best content from AFP, as identified by the AFP editors, on the care of special populations and related issues, including ethnic minorities; gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender persons; homeless and uninsured persons; and intellectually disabled persons. New research may affect the interpretation and application of this material. Clinical judgment is advised. Note that AFP content published within the past two years is accessible to AAFP members and paid subscribers only.
    Ethnic Minorities
    Jul 15, 2024 Addressing Cardiovascular Disparities in South Asian People [Editorials]   FREE
    Jun 15, 2024 Avoiding Racist and Judgmental Clinical Documentation: Helping to Achieve Health Equity [Lown Right Care]   CME
    Feb 15, 2024 Primary Care's Role in Eliminating Inequities in Kidney Transplant [Editorials]   FREE
    Jun 15, 2023 Addressing Disparities in Infertility Care [Editorials]   FREE
    Mar 15, 2023 Reconsidering the Use of Race in Spirometry Interpretation [Editorials]   FREE
    Feb 15, 2023 Chronic Disease Management During Ramadan [Editorials]   FREE
    Jun 15, 2022 Distribution of Spanish-Speaking Family Physicians, 2013–2019 [Graham Center Policy One-Pager]
    Dec 15, 2021 Dismantling Anti-Black Racism in Medicine [Editorials]
    Aug 15, 2021 Fallacies and Dangers of Practicing Race-Based Medicine [Editorials]
    Jan 01, 2021 Systemic Racism and Health Disparities: A Statement from Editors of Family Medicine Journals [Editorials]
    Aug 01, 2020 Race-Based Treatment Decisions Perpetuate Structural Racism [Letters to the Editor]
    Feb 15, 2020 U.S. Policies and Their Effects on Immigrant Children’s Health [Editorials]
    Jul 15, 2017 Refugee Mental Health: A Primary Care Approach [Editorials]
    Jul 15, 2017 Primary Care for Refugees: Challenges and Opportunities   Tool
    May 01, 2015 Caring for Muslim Patients Who Fast During Ramadan [Curbside Consultation]
    Apr 15, 2015 Cultural Competence Education for Health Care Professionals [Cochrane for Clinicians]
    Oct 01, 2014 Challenges and Opportunities in the Care of Asian American Patients [Curbside Consultation]
    Oct 01, 2014 Appropriate Use of Medical Interpreters
    Jan 01, 2013 Caring for Latino Patients
    Jul 01, 2010 Improving Sensitivity to Patients from Other Cultures [Curbside Consultation]
    Jan 15, 2010 Recognizing Mental Illness in Culture-bound Syndromes [Curbside Consultation]
    Dec 01, 2005 Culturally Competent Family Medicine: Transforming Clinical Practice and Ourselves [Editorials]
    Dec 01, 2005 Cross-Cultural Medicine
    Aug 01, 2005 Genomic Medicine for Underserved Minority Populations in Family Medicine [Editorials]
    Feb 01, 2005 Cultural Diversity at the End of Life: Issues and Guidelines for Family Physicians
    Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Persons
    Jun 15, 2024 Lifelong Care of Patients After Gender-Affirming Surgery   CME
    Apr 15, 2024 Preventive Care for Men Who Have Sex With Men   CME   Alg
    Dec 15, 2023 Caring for Transgender and Gender-Diverse People: Guidelines From WPATH [Practice Guidelines]   CME
    May 01, 2021 Clinical Considerations in Caring for Transgender Athletes [Editorials]
    Dec 01, 2018 Caring for Transgender and Gender-Diverse Persons: What Clinicians Should Know
    Dec 01, 2018 The Responsibility of Family Physicians to Our Transgender Patients [Editorials]
    May 01, 2018 Gender-Dysphoric/Gender-Incongruent Persons: Treatment Recommendations from the Endocrine Society [Practice Guidelines]
    Mar 01, 2017 Preventive Health Care for Women Who Have Sex with Women   PtEd   Tool
    Mar 01, 2017 Addressing the Needs of LGBT Patients [Editorials]
    Jul 15, 2015 Care of a Transgender Adolescent [Curbside Consultation]
    Aug 01, 2013 AACAP Releases Practice Parameter on Sexual Orientation, Gender Nonconformity, and Gender Identity Issues in Children and Adolescents [Practice Guidelines]
    Jan 15, 2013 Updated Recommendations from the World Professional Association for Transgender Health Standards of Care [Editorials]
    Sep 01, 2008 Communicating Effectively with Transgender Patients [Curbside Consultation]
    Sep 15, 2006 Transgender Care Resources for Family Physicians [Editorials]
    Homeless/Uninsured Persons
    Dec 15, 2022 Care of People Experiencing Homelessness   CME
    Jan 15, 2017 Taking Care of Disadvantaged Patients [Curbside Consultation]
    Oct 01, 2006 The Homeless in America: Adapting Your Practice
    May 01, 2006 ACOG Recommendations for Improving Care of Homeless Women [Practice Guideline Briefs]
    Justice-Involved Persons
    Sep 15, 2023 Care of the Patient With Justice System Involvement [Curbside Consultation]
    Nov 15, 2018 Care of Incarcerated Patients   Alg
    Intellectually Disabled Persons
    May 15, 2018 Adults with Developmental Disabilities: A Comprehensive Approach to Medical Care
    Aug 01, 2017 Patients with Disabilities: Avoiding Unconscious Bias When Discussing Goals of Care [Curbside Consultation]
    Apr 15, 2016 Evaluation of Behavior Change in Patients with Developmental Disabilities [Curbside Consultation]
    Dec 15, 2014 Role of the Family Physician in the Care of Children with Down Syndrome   PtEd
    Military Veterans
    Nov 01, 2019 Military Health History: Resources for Use at the Point of Care [Editorials]
    Nov 01, 2019 Care of the Military Veteran: Selected Health Issues   PtEd
    Physically Disabled Persons
    May 15, 2022 Physical Activity and the Health of Wheelchair Users [Implementing AHRQ Effective Health Care Reviews]
    Jun 15, 2021 Mobility Assistive Device Use in Older Adults   Alg   PtEd
    Feb 15, 2020 Cerebral Palsy: An Overview
    May 15, 2018 Persons with Disabilities: I'm the Expert About My Body [Close-ups]
    Nov 01, 2009 Therapeutic Home Adaptations for Older Adults with Disabilities   PtEd
    Trafficked Persons
    Aug 15, 2019 Human Trafficking: How Family Physicians Can Recognize and Assist Victims [Editorials]
    Improving Practice Patient Education, Self-Care
    Nov 01, 2019 Veterans: What to Expect When You Return from Deployment [Information from Your Family Doctor]
    Jun 15, 2015 Men Who Have Sex with Men [Information from Your Family Doctor]   PtEd
    Jul 15, 2006 Health Care for Lesbians and Bisexual Women [Information from Your Family Doctor]   PtEd
    Other AFP Content
    May 15, 2023 The Power in Our Words: Reducing Bias in Clinical Communication [Editorials]   FREE
    Sep 01, 2020 Health Equity in Preventive Services: The Role of Primary Care [Editorials]
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